The 40th Anniversary Variety Show – Vitality

The 40th Anniversary Variety Show – Vitality marked the culmination of the series of 40th Anniversary celebratory activities our school has had this year. It was a splendid celebration of an impressive repertoire of talents we have in our school, both past and present; all of which have earned our school an illustrious string of accolades and awards over the years. 

‘Vitality’ enabled students and staff, both past and present to share the stage for one evening, and it revealed the level of artistic talent bundled up within the collective CLSMSS student body. The evening’s performances shone with exuberance and vitality, true to the theme of the Variety Show. Students from as young as S1, to alumni from class of 2008, from all different disciplines performed together – from singing to dancing to acting - on stage in our eminent Lut Sau Hall. 

The evening’s programme started with our school’s Orchestra, composing of S1 to S4 students, along with 3 alumni and 2 current teachers, mesmerizing the audience with Henry Mancini’s ‘Baby Elephant Walk’, and ‘Be Our Guest’, one of Disney’s classic pieces. Following that, our talented alumni from class of 2008 to class of 2018, and our school Choir serenaded us with their lovely renditions of pieces such as ‘Vincent’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘The Summer Rain. There was also a wonderful piano recital of ‘Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 14’. 

After the orchestral and choral performances as well as piano recital, the audience received an adrenaline shot when they were treated to energetic dances by the Cheering Team of the 4 Houses, a K-Pop Dance group, and the Dance Club. The a talented Acapella group performed a delightful series of songs; one of which had been specially arranged for our 40th Anniversary, as we celebrate our excellence and ignite our future. 

The evening’s programme culminated in the finale item of a mini musical – ‘Ignite Your Future’- put together by passionate members of our school’s Musical Club, with special guest appearance by our Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, and Assistant Principal, Ms. LEUNG Yee-hing Nancy. ‘Ignite Your Future’ tells the story of a girl’s pursuit of her dream as a musician; but who is stopped by her parents who aren’t able to see any future in being a musician. Fortunately for the girl, she has a teacher who believes in her, and reminds her of her dream and her potential to excel in what she loves. For 45 minutes, the audience was enthralled by the cast’s singing and dancing. 

The grand finale of the Variety Show won a rapturous ovation from the audience. It was an evening that provided an opportunity for different stakeholders to look back and appreciate the school’s multitude of talents and achievements throughout the 40 golden years. It was an evening that showed that Chiu Lut Lau Memorial Secondary School is not just a school to our students, but also a joyful family in which we pursue and achieve our dreams together. Most of all, it was an evening when we celebrated our excellence, and look forward to igniting our future.


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