Rooms and Facilities

There are 28 air-conditioned classrooms and 20 special rooms including 4 Laboratories, 2 Computer/Computer Assisted Learning Rooms, English Language Room, English and Chinese Reading Rooms, Geography Room, Design & Technology Room, Home Economics Room, Music Room, 2 Art Rooms, Lecture Room, Function Room and Multi-purpose Room. The sports facilities comprise Table-tennis Training Room, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court as well as Slip-proof Playground. Other facilities include the Lut Sau Hall, School Library, Student Activity Centre, Instrumental Practice Room, Band Room, Rehearsal Room, Tuck Shop, Medical Room, Campus Broadcasting Room, Liberal Studies Resource Centre, English Resource Centre, School Social Worker's Office, Student Union Office, Alumni Association Office, PTA Office, Conference Room, Interview Room and Meeting Room.



Ceramic Mural Mural Lut Sau Hall School Motto
Campus Broadcasting
Learning Room (CAL)
Information Technology
Learning Centre (ITLC)
Career and Life Planning
Resource Centre
Student Activity Centre
School Library Lecture Room Table-tennis
Training Room
Covered Playground Function Room