CLSMSS Oil Painting Exhibition

The CLSMSS Oil Painting, Exhibition was successfully held from 15th to 21st March 2017 at Yuen Long Theatre. Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, the Principal, Mr. ZHANG Xihuai, Principal of Shenzhen Fuyuan School, Mr. KWOK Siu-fai, Principal of Yuen Long Public Secondary School, Mr. TSE Si-chuen, Principal of SKH Lingoi Primary School, Mr. YING Ngai, Principal of Kwong Ming School, Ms. TO Kwan-kuen, Daisy, Principal of Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science And Creativity, Mr. TSANG Yiu-cho, Brian, Chairperson of Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School Alumni Association, Mr. YAN Churk-tong, Chairperson of the PTA, Ms. LAW Lai-shan and Mr. CHUNG Siu-fai, Vice-Chairperson of the PTA, member of school management committee, Ms. LEUNG Yee-hing, Nancy and Ms. WONG Fei, Assistant Principals, and Committee Members of the PTA, were invited to officiate at the Opening Ceremony. The exhibition was sponsored by the Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund and the Parent and Teacher Association of our school. The exhibition was titled "Tenderness Oil Paintings By CLSMSS". Students made use of different colours to draw the art pieces. In their drawing, schoolmates’ and alumnis’ affection for the school was thoroughly displayed. Over two hundred pieces of paintings created by S1 to S5 students were exhibited. Visitors were very impressed by our students’ creativity and talent. This art exhibition served as a learning platform for students to communicate and share their views with the public, and to advance their artistic skills.


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