The 38th Anniversary Open Day: Thirty-eight years of quality education, CLS’s prophetic vision

Aerial display of drones, stunning art exhibition, and fascinating creations of robots were just some of the attractions that drew crowds to Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School’s 38th Anniversary Open Day on 16 March 2017.

Families and primary school students flocked to our school to enjoy the gentle and cool weather, and the atmosphere was electric with prospective students and their families immersing themselves in a range of exciting activities and experiences, guided and encouraged by students and staff who had dedicated time and effort over the last few months, just so they could show off their school.

The day was a chance for parents and children to immerse themselves in the wealth of opportunities, from outstanding academic provision to cultural immersion programmes to Asian cities; and learn about how CLSMSS’s holistic curriculum allows individual students to be known, nurtured and challenged, so they could be prepared for the future.

It was an action-packed programme to showcase the unrivalled student experience at CLSMSS, alongside fabulous activities organized by different Departments and Interest Groups at different sections of the school. The 38th Anniversary Open Day kicked off with a heartfelt Opening Ceremony that was officiated by the Chairperson of CLSMSS Alumni Association, Mr. Brian TSANG. Our Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong delivered the opening speech, followed by Mr. Brian TSANG. Both celebrated the vision of the late Mr. CHIU Lut-sau, O.B.E, J.P., and underscored the instrumental role played by our school motto of “Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty and Progress” in shaping the nature and quality of education provided at our school. Following the speeches, all distinguished guests were invited to pop big party poppers that released a brilliant shower of streamers and confetti to mark the official start of our Open Day.

The audience was then treated to remarkable performances by students of CLSMSS and Fu Yuan School, our sister school in China. The performance segment opened with an A cappella performance put together by our very own talented S1-S3 students. Their opening number of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz mesmerized the audience with its harmonies and stunning vocals; and their enthusiastic and beautiful rendition of their second number showcased their incredible vocals again, and their supercool style. The Opening Ceremony then culminated in the next performance by primary students of Fu Yuan School who gripped the audience with their stunning display of martial arts. The audience was awed by the children moving in perfect peaceful symmetry, as they executed a series of moves with their weapons in perfect harmony. All in the audience felt they had been momentarily transported to the Red Theatre in Beijing for the legendary Kung Fu show during the martial arts performance by Fu Yuan School.

Following the Open Ceremony, activities in different sections of the school started. The air at the playground was permeated with an overwhelming aroma of popcorn, and sweetness of fluffy cotton candy, as it became a smorgasbord of different activities held by the extensive number of extra-curricular groups in our school. Prospective students and their parents immersed themselves in a range of exciting hands-on activities which included peering through the lenses of the Newtonian Reflector, H Alfa (solar), and refractive telescopes, owned by the Astronomy Club; having a go at controlling drones owned by the Information Technology (I.T.) Club, and learning to pitch tents, the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides way. At the Design and Technology Room, student-made robotic creations were on display; and visitors had a chance to personally control the movements of the robots via tablets. It was a fascinating experience for both prospective parents and students as they gained insight into the elaborate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme available in our school.

In our newly refurbished Lut Sau Hall, our visitors were treated to a variety of performances throughout the day. In the morning, our school’s Musical Club performed ‘Purpose’, which saw our talented students singing, dancing and acting to the rhythm of self-composed songs. At noon, our extraordinary ensemble of musicians from S1-S5 and their instruments of strings, wood wind, brass and percussion mesmerized the visitors with their performance of three classic pieces, ‘A Simple Serenade’, ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ and ‘Top of the World’. In the afternoon, the visitors were treated to a hypnotic performance by the Chinese Drama Club.

Countless parents and guests commented on the enthusiasm and professionalism of the students who were leading sessions and activities across the curriculum range. They were also glowing in their praise of the camaraderie amongst students and staff, which evoked a familial sense of unity.

Our Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, said, “The Open Day attests to the hard work of our students and staff in making our ambitious educational vision – exceptional student outcomes and an unrivalled student experience – a reality.”


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