The Annual Swimming Gala was held on 28 and 29 September, 2017. Over one hundred competitors had been preparing for weeks for the event and so did the house officials and cheering teams. The whole atmosphere reached a peak level as all students and teachers cheered for the competitors of the Parent-alumni-teacher-student 4×50m Free Style Invitation Relay. The Championship went to the team with our alumni Yan Kai-him.

The Individual Championship went to the following students: Boys A Grade – 5C YAU Chun-ho; Boys B Grade – 3D LAW Ka-lok; Boys C Grade – 1A TSE Fai; Girls A Grade – 6C Yip Pui-kwan; Girls B Grade – 3B LAM Yat-long; Girls C Grade – 1D LAW Ming Wai.  Wisdom House was the house with the Best Decorations and the house with the Highest Spirit. The Overall Championship went to Virtue House.


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