School Commencement Ceremony 2018-2019

3rd September 2018 was not just the beginning of the school year 2018-2019 but also the start of our 40th Anniversary celebration and new School Development Plan. 
Our Principal, Mr. KONG welcomed all students, especially the S1 students who have just joined our school in the Commencement Assembly. Mr. KONG was pleased to announce that the 2018 HKDSE results were much more brilliant than those of the previous years; particularly when there was an upsurge on the number of students entering the three major universities. He thanked all teachers and hoped the S6 students would do even better in the 2019 HKDSE.
Mr. KONG also told all staff and students the school motto this year as well as the theme of our 40th anniversary would be“Celebrating Our Excellence, Igniting Our Future”. He stated that there would be lots of events and activities to celebrate this memorable year. The first one would be the Kick-off Ceremony on 19th October 2018.
Mr. KONG then introduced the new 3-year School Development Plan (2018-2019) to all. The first Major Concern is ‘To enhance students’ academic performance by raising the effectiveness of learning and teaching’. The second Major Concern is two-fold, namely, ‘To promote students’ positive thinking and mental health’ and ‘To stretch students’ potentials’.
Lastly, Mr. KONG quoted a saying from a famous Indian philosopher and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi to encourage our students to develop a good habit of staying positive.

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