45th Anniversary Speech Day

The 45th Anniversary Speech Day 2023 was successfully held on 25 November 2023. This year we were honoured to have Mr. TUNG Wo-hon, Tony, a distinguished alumnus, to be our Guest of Honour.

Our Principal, Ms. WOO Kit-ching, reported on the school’s achievements in the past year. In the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2023, our students attained promising results. Around 81% of our students met the minimum entrance requirements for degree programmes. Among the S.6 graduates who were offered university places through JUPAS 2023, 75.6% were degree programmes. Out of a total of 777 subject entries, our S.6 students harvested 20.5% of Level 5 or above. The percentage of students who garnered Level 5 or above far exceeded the Hong Kong average in 13 subjects. Ms. WOO also highlighted students’ all-round development and the accolades they attained in various disciplines including sports, performing arts, reading, STEAM education, community services, etc. Finally, Ms. WOO expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the SMC members, the PTA, the Alumni Association, the Assistant Principals, and all staff members for their support and contribution to the school.

After presenting prizes and certificates to the graduates, Mr. TUNG delivered a rousing speech. Mr. TUNG is now the Managing Director at Gobi Partners. He delivered a spirited speech on his wonderful and unforgettable moments of the school life at CLSMSS. He applauded the teachers for their patient and professional teaching which inspired his interest in computer technology. After graduating from Secondary Seven, Mr. TUNG completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration (Financial Engineering) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mr. TUNG also shared three personal life mottos with his junior fellow students: pursue your life’s passion, uncover the blessings in adversity and love your family. These profound words truly touched the hearts of the audience.

CHEUNG Oi-lam of S6, a student representative, delivered a vote of thanks to the school on behalf of all graduates. The next highlight of the ceremony was the performance part. The ceremony ended in a delightful atmosphere with magnificent performances given by the Dance Club, the School Band and the School Choir.


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