The 5th Inter-Government Secondary Schools Drama Fest Final Round Competition cum Prize-presentation Ceremony

The 5th Inter-Government Secondary Schools Drama Fest Final Round Competition cum Prize-presentation Ceremony was held successfully on the 15th of April 2023 (Saturday) at the school hall of our school.

Approximately 230 guests including Mr. LEUNG Pak-wai, Ashley, Principal Education Officer (Curriculum Support and Quality Assurance), principals, assistant principals, and teachers from participating schools came to our school to witness the momentous moments of students and celebrate their success on stage.

The Drama Fest assumed a scale grander than the previous years, with the addition of two rounds of competition. The theme of this year’s Drama Fest was “Healthy Lifestyles”. This saw a total of 18 government secondary schools participating in the event, which provided a platform for students to interact with, and learn from students from other schools, and the panel of distinguished adjudicators.

We are proud of and delighted to share our greatest joy with you – Our school won the GRAND PRIZE in the final round. It was our honour to have Mr. LEUNG, our distinguished guest, to present the Grand Prize to us! Hurray!

Adjudicators Ms. CHAU and Ms. LAM were deeply impressed by our play The Ultimate Investigation. The other four school teams in the final round were equally strong. However, as for our team, instead of having a traditional setting, our play is an avant-garde drama that emphasizes the use of an ensemble: Every character is equal and shares their parts. This demonstrates the beauty of inclusiveness and equality which we shall find in society. What is more, instead of using sophisticated, traditional backdrops and props, our team only uses simple but powerful ones. Lastly, both judges admired the originality of the script. All in all, in their words, the standard of The Ultimate Investigation is beyond the secondary school level. We are very pleased to hear the positive comments.

Winning the Grand Prize is not yet the end. We stay modest and true, as what our school song teaches us. Through the preparation and participation in the Drama Fest, our students have gained important generic skills including teamwork, communication, creativity, and leadership, which will serve them well in their future endeavors. We are delighted to witness students’ growth and transformation.

Congratulations on your well-deserved victory, CLS boys and girls! We look forward to seeing your continued success in the future!


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