Outdoor Learning Day 2021

To extend students’ learning scope and allow them to enjoy a fun, interactive and experiential journey beyond the classroom setting, various types of activities were held during the Outdoor Learning Day on 17 December 2021.

Historic Fair Tour was designed for S.1 and S.2 students on the Outdoor Learning Day. A variety of activities including “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” drama appreciation, which shows different living conditions of people in the Song Dynasty; performances and six booths with traditional Chinese crafts and artwork such as acrobatic show, Shaolin kung fu performance, sugar painting workshop and sachet making workshop were held on campus. The activities aimed at enriching students’ learning about relevant topics of Chinese culture and facilitate their understanding of the importance of safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage.

S.3 students visited a unique art exhibition entitled “NOT a fashion store!” held at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The exhibition showcases 76 sets of artwork related to fashionable and traditional clothing, shoes and accessories from various eras curated from the four core collections of the museum, namely Chinese Antiquities, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Trade Art, and Modern and Hong Kong Art. The highlight of the visit was Jingguanlou, a private art collection primarily on the 20th century Chinese painting and calligraphy, compiled by the local connoisseur Dr. Leo Wong Kwai-kuen. Through the appreciation of a collection of couplets, folding fans and albums, dating from the Qing Dynasty to the modern era; a series of purple clay teapots with rubbings; and Dr. Wong's own photographic work, students’ understanding of traditional Chinese and modern art has been enriched.

S.4 students participated in JA Career Dimensions 4.0 organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong. Over 30 business volunteers were invited to meet with 6 groups of S.4 students. The activity connected students with career opportunities and future skills required under the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Through speed mentoring and hands-on activities on creativity & problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability & resilience, students were guided to identify their career aspirations, and develop core competencies every youth needs in order to survive in the coming world of work.

S.5 students had a great deal of fun playing golf and bowling at Tuen Mun Golf Centre and Mei Lok Bowling Centre. These sporting events helped students relieve stress from studies and promoted a healthy lifestyle.

A Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland was organised for S.6 students to broaden their horizons while inspiring their thinking in developing their future career in the hospitality industry. Looking into the distinct elements of Disney's hospitality services, students acquired a better understanding of the industry especially during the pandemic situation.

The Outdoor Learning Day has facilitated our students’ all-round development as life-long learners. The activities organised helped our students develop respect for plural values and interests in art, adopt a healthy lifestyle, enhance their career aspirations and positive work ethics as well as becoming active, informed and responsible citizens in the community. It was truly a positive and enjoyable learning experience for our students.


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