The "Play" It Forward [email protected] Game Design Competition

5A NGAN Tin yan, 5B LAU Tsz ching, 5B WAN Wing yi, 5C LEE Kwan ting and 5C CHAN Yu yee participated in The "Play" It Forward [email protected] Game Design Competition organized by the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation and co-organized by the Hong Kong Department of Youth Achievement. The purpose of the competition was to develop students’ creativity. Through designing games, students have a more comprehensive  understanding of regional trade, economic cooperation and trends.

The competition lasted for four months. It included a series of seminars, workshops, group studies, game exhibitions and school sharing sessions. Our students made use of what they have learned in STEM lessons and activities: Such as the skills of using 3D printers and laser cutting machines to design and manufacture chess pieces and boards for table games. They described the global business environment and international trade through the self-designed table game "Tradegy". The game states that trade must be a win-win situation. Players can play as 5 countries or regions of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization and strive to reach a “straight line Bingo” on the board to win.

Our students demonstrated their hard work in the finals. With the exquisite appearance of the game and the brand-new game design, they stood out among all outstanding teams and won the Third Prize with HK$5,000.


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