Inauguration Ceremony of Prefects (2020)

The Inauguration Ceremony of Prefects was successfully held on 16th October, 2020 (Friday). The Head Girl of Year 2019-2020, 6B TSOI Man-huen, delivered a Vote of Thanks. She thanked the Principal and teachers of the Discipline Team for their support of the Prefect Team.

Then, the new Prefect Team was inaugurated under the witness of the Principal, teachers and students. Followed by that was the speech given by the new Head Prefect, 5A NG Wai-nam. He expressed that in the coming year, he would do his best to help teachers monitor the discipline of students and lead the Prefect Team. The Principal hoped that all students would appreciate the effort of the prefects, develop mutual respect for each other by observing the school regulations, which is the cornerstone of a caring and peaceful campus. She expressed gratitude to all prefects for their outstanding performance and hoped they would develop generic skills and serve the school with a humble and grateful heart in the coming year.


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