Walk on MacLehose Trail - 50km Hiking Challenge

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of MacLehose Trail. The Healthy School Programme together with the Counselling Team are organizing ‘Walk on MacLehose Trail’, the theme of this year’s 50km Hiking Challenge. Students are challenged to complete 50 km in four hiking trips on the Trail. Participants can grab this chance to admire and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, historic relics and wild life. Experiencing diverse vitality of nature can help students develop positive emotions and thinking, and live a healthy lifestyle. The first hiking trip was completed on 9 November 2019. Participants hiked along MacLehose Trail Section 9 and Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail. We set off at Tsuen Kam Au, headed Kat Hing Bridge via Tin Fu Tsai, and ended at Nam Hang Pai.


Please visit the CLSMSS Photo Gallery for more photos.