Celebrating Our Excellence Igniting Our Future 40th Anniversary Open Day

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School’s Open Day was successfully held on Friday, 22 March, 2019 as part of the 40th Anniversary Celebratory activities. The theme of the event was “Celebrating Our Excellence, Igniting Our Future”. A wide range of educational and entertaining activities reflecting school life, student development and achievements were organized. Over 500 guests and visitors, including our former principals, principals and teachers from other schools, parents, alumni and students as well as members of the community joined us on this jubilant occasion.
The Open Day began with a heart-warming Opening Ceremony held in the Lut Sau Hall, with the Principal, KONG Yick-cheong, and the Guests of Honour, Mrs LO CHOY Yin-fon and Mrs CHENG LAU Yuk-king officiating. All guests and visitors were then treated to the remarkable choir and piano solo performances by students of CLSMSS.
After that, a series of fabulous activities in different sections of the school began. There were about 30 stalls of games and displays prepared by various school units in the playground, Hall and Lecture Room. The Chatter and Speaking Contest for Primary Schools took place in the morning session with an array of enjoyable dance, music as well as drama performances going on in the Hall at different timeslots throughout the day. 
In addition to the guided campus tours arranged for students from primary schools, interesting science experiments were demonstrated at the Physics and Biology Laboratories. Students’ STEM related projects were also showcased at the Design and Technology Room. It was, in particular, a fascinating experience for visitors who had a chance to personally control the creative student-made robots via tablets. 
Countless guests and visitors showed great appreciation for the concerted efforts and enthusiasm of our staff and students for producing a daylong program filled with numerous activities, making the Open Day a truly joyous and memorable event. All participants experienced a delightful and welcoming atmosphere in school. 
In the past four decades, CLSMSS has achieved excellence in moral, intellectual, physical, interpersonal and aesthetic fields. In the years ahead, the school will continue its mission to pursue excellence and provide students with a balanced education aiming at realizing its motto “Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty and Progress”.


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