40th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Talk (2)

The Outstanding Alumni Talk held in Lut Sau Hall on 29 March, 2019 was one of the major events of our 40th Anniversary Celebration. It was a great honour to be able to invite Dr. TANG Shuk-ming Winnie, JP, one of our distinguished alumni, as the guest speaker at the function to share her study path and entrepreneurial journey with our Form 4 and 5 students.

When studying at our school, Dr. Tang showed a keen interest in Geography. After completing her secondary education, she continued to study Geography at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), where she obtained both the Bachelor’s Degree and Ph.D. Degree before becoming a professor of Geographic Information System (GIS) there.

Dr. Tang is enthusiastic about the development of GIS and information technology. In view of the limitations of her work at university on promoting GIS applications in the IT industry, she left her well-paid teaching post at HKU and started her own business. She set up a GIS company, aiming at nurturing more GIS talents as well as fostering the economic development in Hong Kong. She was delighted to be able to combine her interest with her career.

Dr. Tang experienced many challenges and difficulties as she strived to build her career. However, with passion for life, commitment to work and persistent effort, she eventually attained success and has won recognition as a highly regarded academic as well as an entrepreneur in the areas of science and technology.

Dr. Tang highlighted 8 key way to success for students:
1.    Be strong against tough challenges, Never give up,
2.    Be adept at judging the situation, Be far-sighted,
3.    Embrace science and technology with a view to the world,
4.    Enhance communication and build mutual trust,
5.    Face the ever-changing world with courage,
6.    Be concerned about the community, Help people overcome difficulties,
7.    Diversify one’s development, with creativity,
8.    To serve others, and not to be served

Dr. Tang concluded her sharing by encouraging students to equip themselves for the future, do more good deeds, infuse their every thought and action with righteousness and make contributions to society. The talk ended with enthusiastic applause from students who benefited greatly from her valuable insights and advice.


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