School Commencement Ceremony 2017-2018

The new academic year 2017-2018 started on 1 September. Students looked refreshed and energetic after the restful holidays. They wore their big smiles on their faces to tell everyone that they are ready for the challenges this year. Our Principal, Mr. KONG, first welcomed the new S1 students hoping that they can adapt well to the new environment quickly. He then reviewed the remarkable 2017 HKDSE results with students. It was pleasing to hear that 66.7% of our S6 graduates were offered a local degree course through JUPAS. He also encouraged the S6 students this year to try harder and to reach another crest in 2018. Mr. KONG introduced ‘CLS’ as the school motto this year. The three letters stand for ‘Care, Love and Self-esteem’. Mr. KONG hopes that care and love can prevail in our school and every student can build up self-esteem and self-confidence.


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