InnoTech Expo 2017

CLSMSS has been keen on promoting STEM education in school. In late September, all Secondary 1 students visited the “InnoTech Expo 2017” at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In the exhibition, students visited the three featured zones – ‘Astronomy’, ‘Informatics’ and ‘Oceanography’ as well as the ‘Interactive Exhibition’ and “The Best of Hong Kong”. The visit let students have a chance to look at the fruits of technological and scientific development in China and Hong Kong, especially the ancient and modern exhibits demonstrating China's 5,000-year growth in innovation and technology. Students also participated in various science seminars and film screenings. Teachers received positive feedback from students who pointed out that the visit had equipped them with STEM knowledge outside the classroom. Many said they hoped there would be more activities related to STEM education in the future.


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