Study Tours to Shenzhen and Guangzhou

Our Secondary 2 students had a one-day "Exploration of Shenzhen's Art and Culture" trip on 5th December, 2023. They visited the Dafen Art Museum in the morning, appreciating contemporary Chinese art. In the afternoon, they explored the Shenzhen Reform and Opening Exhibition Hall and the Shenzhen Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, gaining insights into Shenzhen's development and enjoying diverse artworks.

On top of that, 40 junior form students of our school had a two-day "Exploration of Urban Planning and Economic Development in Guangzhou" trip on 22nd and 23rd March, 2024. They visited some institutions in Guangzhou to understand the city's planning and development strategies as a modernized city. Furthermore, they toured a technology showcase room in a car manufacturing company, learning about the latest advancements in automotive technology. Additionally, they visited an environmental company, where they gained in-depth knowledge about innovative technologies in environmental protection and sustainable development. This journey broadened their perspectives on urban development, the economic and environmental issues.


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