S1 Information Day

The S.1 Information Day was successfully held on 9th December 2023 at Lut Sau Hall.

Our Principal Ms. WOO Kit-ching delivered a welcome speech and briefly introduced the vision and mission of our school as well as highlighted the outstanding achievements of the students in the previous year. With a commitment to empowering students to become creative and active learners and cultivating their positive values and attitudes, our school (as an EMI government secondary school with a history of 45 years) always strive for excellence in providing students with a holistic education which is in line with the school motto “Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty, Progress” through a great variety of teaching and learning activities as well as learning experiences beyond the classroom. Building on the success achieved in the past decade, our school is committed to continuously delivering quality education and nurturing community leaders and world talents of different fields to allow our graduates to play a greater role in contributing to the society.

Following the welcome speech, Mr. YAM Yuen-see, the Assistant Principal, introduced the general information, application procedures and reminders of the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System to provide parents with useful information about S.1 admission.

Our school treasures the strong ties and close collaboration with the Parents and Teachers Association. Mr. CHAN Yee-chuen, the parents representative, shared his own experiences, encouraging parents to play the roles of companions, guides, and supporters in helping students pursue their future paths based on their individual interests and abilities. He further expressed parents’ appreciation and gratitude on our enduring efforts to nurture the students’ all-round development and showed their appreciation for outstanding achievements of our students and alumni in various aspects.

After the sharing from Mr. CHAN, 3 student representatives from S.1, S.2 and S.4 took this opportunity to share their fruitful and happy school life as well as show gratitude for the care and support of the school in helping them adapt to the new life in secondary school and organizing various learning and ECA activities to widen their horizons.

Before the end of the Information Day, our Principal and Assistant Principals answered the queries raised by the parents about the allocation of the S.1 places and the arrangement of the interview.


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