S.1 Adjustment Programme

To welcome and equip S1 students for the new secondary school life, our school organised the S1 Adjustment Programme from 16 to 18 August, 2022. On the first day, an orientation talk was conducted to enable the Pre-S1 students to understand the school regulations. Each student received an English story book as a gift from our Principal. Then students were divided into different classes and learnt how to use the Google Classroom and different e-learning platforms. After that, the Peer Counsellors led class-based activities for students so that they can familiarize themselves with the school. On the second day, students acquired some time management skills by making good use of the school’s schedule book. On the last day, students were divided into groups to participate in English-speaking activities. The 3-day programme has helped S.1 students gain a better understanding of our school, preparing them for a fulfilling secondary school life.


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