Afternoon ECA

In light of the severe situation of COVID-19 epidemic, face-to-face classes and extracurricular activities were suspended previously, making it difficult for students to experience real campus life, and affecting their face-to-face communication and social interaction among peers.

With the great support and effort of our school and staff members, diverse afternoon extracurricular activities were organized for students who have met the vaccination requirements after resumption of face-to-face classes. It was hoped that the activities could help alleviate students’ stress and bring about a pleasant learning experience for them.

A variety of activities including Basketball Game, Volleyball Game, Let’s Play Badminton, Ping Pong Game, Modern Dance Workshop, “RoboMaster” Training Workshop, Drone Training Workshop, STEM Fun Day, Exhibition and Book Reading Sharing, as well as School Band Fun Day were successfully organised.

“Let’s Play Badminton” was the most popular activity among students. In the activity, they learnt about serving position, order of service, skills of basic strokes and smash, etc. The STEM Education activity “RoboMaster” Training Workshop was another activity highlight. Participants were divided into two teams to compete with each other and they were fully engaged in the educational and entertaining activity. Their interest in STEM Education activities has been fostered.


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