Annual Speech Day 2021

The Annual Speech Day 2021 was successfully held on 27 November 2021. This year we were honoured to have Mr. CHU Tsz-wing, a distinguished alumnus, to be our Guest of Honour. Mr. CHU graduated from S.7 at our school in 1999. Not only is Mr. CHU the successful Chief Headmaster at St. Hilary's Kindergarten and Primary Schools, he is also an unconventional educator who has dedicated to nurturing the young generation especially in learning activities related to information technology and innovation in education. He has been responsible for launching the “Electronic Schoolbag as a Medium for Teaching, Learning and Assignment” programme since 2004. He became the youngest headmaster of Baptist Rainbow Primary School in 2013. By promoting experiential learning, he saved the school from the verge of closure while the number of classes expanded from 6 to 22 within 5 years. He was awarded the “Microsoft Most Valued Teacher” for a number of years (2008, 2011, 2012 and 2013). In 2010, he was given the “Innovative Teachers of Hong Kong” Award and “The Best of the Teachers” Award in the “e-Learning Best Practice 2010 Competition” organised by Microsoft. To recognise Mr. CHU’s commitment in innovative education, he was selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong in 2018. In 2016, he co-founded the project “DreamStarter”, by which afternoon lessons were turned into student-oriented dream-come-true activities to break through the traditional way of teaching by changing the class schedules, and allowing students to pursue their dream for social good. We are genuinely honoured to have an outstanding and innovative alumnus like Mr. CHU, who has devoted himself to the education field. His endeavors and accomplishments in educating the next generation are highly recognised.

Our Principal, Ms. WOO Kit-ching, reported on the school’s achievements in the past year. In the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2021, our students achieved the following results with an overall passing percentage of 95.7% and 42.5% attaining Level 4 or above in all subjects. 74.2% of our students met the minimum entrance requirements for degree programmes. Among all graduates, CHIU Ching-fan of 6A achieved the most pleasing HKDSE results. Ms. WOO also highlighted students’ all-round development and the accolades they attained in various disciplines including sports, performing arts, reading, STEM education, community services, etc. Finally, Ms. WOO expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the SMC members, the PTA, the Alumni Association, the former Principal, Ms. LEE Siu-yuk, Hilda, the Assistant Principals, and all staff members for their support and contribution to the school.

Our Guest of Honour, Mr. CHU, presented prizes and certificates to the graduates. He also delivered a rousing speech that stressed the importance of having positive attitudes, perseverance and spreading goodness in our community. Mr. CHU eloquently reminded our graduates – “Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world” and “Dare to learn, to pursue their dreams, and to move out of the comfort zone.” These are some of the keys leading to success.

NG Wai-nam (S6), a student representative, delivered a vote of thanks to the school on behalf of all graduates. The next highlight of the ceremony was the performance part. Although the performances had been scaled down because of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, students’ efforts in preparing for their performances had not been slack. The Chinese Verse Speaking, English Verse Speaking and music performances given by our students were sound proof of that. The performances marked not only the end of the ceremony, but also that of an important stage of the graduates. The memories of years past, friendship, hard work, tears and laughter came rushing back with the sound of the music, and the graduates shared final embraces as they take on new challenges in the years ahead.


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