Sharing session on ‘perseverance and resilience’ by Mr. Daniel Chan Ho Yuen

To strengthen students' understanding of the ​​theme of this school year, our school was honored to have Mr. Daniel Chan Ho Yuen, the Bronze Medalist of Badminton WH2 Men's Singles at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, to give a speech on the topic of "How do I face adversity in my life?" Mr. Chan talked about his amputation due to a car accident and how he relied on his ‘attitude, belief, and commitment’ to regain hope in his life. Using his own experience as an example, Mr. Chan pointed out that we cannot prevent accidents or undesirable things from happening, but as long as we hold a positive attitude, strong self-belief and unwavering commitment to ourselves, we can finally bounce back and achieve success. In addition, Mr. Chan thanked his family and friends for their support and inspired him to overcome difficulties. He hopes that our schoolmates can also help and care for each other. During the Question-and-Answer session, Mr. Chan encouraged S.6 students to be confident in themselves and pursue their dreams. Mr. Chan's sharing gave everyone a deeper understanding of the spirit of "perseverance and resilience", which greatly benefited the teachers and students of our school.


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