School Commencement Ceremony 2019-2020

The Commencement of School Ceremony on 2nd September 2019 marked the beginning of the new school year.

Our new principal Ms. LEE Siu-yuk, Hilda introduced herself, Mr. HUI Shui-key, the new Assistant Principal and other new teachers to students. Principal LEE has served in various government secondary schools before and she looked forward to having a fruitful year ahead with all parties.

Principal LEE then reported on the results of the 2019 HKDSE. Our former S6 students did extraordinarily well in the exam. The overall percentage of getting Level 4 or above is 56.4%, and 80.2 % of our graduates have met the entrance requirement for degree programmes. These two figures are higher than those of last year. 72.5% of our graduates, the highest number ever, have been offered degree programmes through JUPAS. Principal LEE congratulated our graduates on attaining such a pleasing result and thanked the hard work and effort of all teachers. She hopes that our S6 students this year will do their best and carry on the outstanding performance of the graduates.

Principal LEE reminded students of our school Major Concerns. They are:
1. To enhance students’ academic performance by raising the effectiveness of learning and teaching.
2a. To promote students’’ positive thinking and mental health.
2b. To stretch students’ potentials.
Principal LEE announced the motto of the school year 2019-20: ‘Be Grateful Be Hopeful’. The motto this year anchors the school’s direction. She explained that students should start each day with a grateful heart and be appreciative of what they possess. and Principal LEE stated that we should not give up hope easily when facing challenges. With determination and persistence, we will be able to overcome adversity and embrace a bright future.

Finally, Ms. LEE told all students to uphold the core values of CLSMSS: Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty and Progress, and continue to make CLSMSS a caring campus full of love and mutual respect.


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