5-day Exchange Programme with our sister school in Ningbo -- Zhenhai Jiaochuan College 寧波上海姊妹學校五天交流團─寧波鎮海蛟川書院

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The Principal, Mr KONG Yick-cheong, the Assistant Principal, Ms LEUNG Yee-hing Nancy, and three teachers accompanied 36 students on a 5-day exchange programme with our sister school, Zhenhai Jiaochuan College (寧波镇海蛟川書院) to Ningbo from 30th March to 3rd April 2017. It was not only an invaluable moment for students and teachers from Hong Kong and China to exchange their ideas on learning and teaching, but also a precious opportunity for Hong Kong students to broaden their horizons and further develop their understanding about China. During this fruitful trip, students observed Science and English lessons, visited the book corner at the College and had lunch with their Zhenhai Jiaochuan buddies. Apart from visiting our sister school, the group also visited the University of Nottingham (Ningbo Campus). Students were very impressed with the enormous school campus and advanced facilities there. Besides visiting different faculties, students and teachers went to see some well-known Ningbo and Shanghai tourist spots and had an opportunity to try authentic Ningbo and Shanghai cuisines. Everyone was very happy with the trip as they found the exchange programme to be memorable and meaningful. We are looking forward to saying “nĭ hăo” and seeing our sister school buddies again!



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The 50km Hiking Challenge 2016-2017 had successfully come to an end 本年度“挑戰50”遠足計劃圓滿結束

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Jointly organized by the Counselling Team and the Healthy School Programme, the 50km Hiking Challenge 2016-2017 had successfully come to an end. The fourth and last hiking journey took place on the Dragon’s Back on 17 March 2017. This year, participants were challenged to hike over 50km from west to east on Hong Kong Island. What’s more, they had chances to admire Hong Kong from a different perspective through visiting historical relics, meeting wild animals face-to-face, cleaning up the countryside etc. The programme which aims to help students develop a healthy lifestyle, had attracted 85 participants this year, some of whom were first-time hikers. The programme will be continued next year!

隨著第四次旅程──「邁步跨龍脊 越嶺過西灣」於2017年3月17日完成,由輔導組、健康校園計劃合辦之「挑戰50遠足計劃2016-2017」宣佈圓滿結束。本年度「挑戰50遠足計劃」的主題是「縱橫港島」,四次旅程由西至東跨越整個香港島,總行程逾50公里。回顧四次旅程,學生得到不少不一樣的體驗:從另一角度認識香港的地貌、參觀文化古蹟、近距離觀察野生動物、在郊遊地點進行撿拾垃圾活動等。本年度共有85人次參與,當中不少學生首次參加遠足活動,為培養健康的生活習慣踏出第一步。下學年再會!

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Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2017 二零一七年香港學生科學比賽

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Three teams of students joined the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition held by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups on 18 March 2017 in the Hong Kong Science Park. They selected the topics they were interested in and underwent scientific investigations for several months. Their topics are “Whey Explorer”, “Phyto-plastics” and “Cloning Garden”. They presented their findings to the professors from universities smoothly and impressed the judges during the Q&A Session. The professors found their presentations outstanding and selected them for the “Best New-comer Award” in both the Junior Division and Senior Division.


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‘Reach New Heights’ – Prize Presentation for Outstanding Academic Performance in the First Term「勇創高峰」─ 優異成績頒奬典禮

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The First Term ‘Reach New Heights’ Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 1 March 2017. Top 3 in classes of Junior Forms and the First in subjects in Senior Forms were awarded certificates for their outstanding academic performance. The Principal and 2 committee members of PTA, Mr YAN and Mrs LEE presented the prizes. 46 Parents of prize winners attended the ceremony. The Principal gave a speech to recognize the hard-work of prize-winners and encourage all students to further engage themselves in their studies so as to attain further success in academic performance. He also thanked the parents for coming and sharing the joy of their children.

本校於二零一七年三月一日舉行了「勇創高峰」─ 優異成績頒獎典禮,以表揚上學期成績卓越的學生。初中級每班首三名及高中級每科第一名的同學,逐一踏上聿修堂禮台接受榮譽獎狀。江奕昌校長聯同兩位家長教師會委員(甄灼棠主席及李冼惠霞女士)擔任頒獎嘉賓,頒發獎狀予優異同學。另外,共46位家長撥冗蒞臨典禮,給予子女鼓勵與支持。在典禮上,江校長除了嘉許各位優異生努力學習的卓越成就外,亦勉勵其餘同學在學業上積極求取進步,爭取理想成績。校長又衷心感謝家長們抽空出席頒獎典禮,分享子女的喜悅與歡欣。

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Talk for P6 Parents/Students of Yuen Long 2016 小六學生家長座談會2016

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The Talk for P.6 Parents and Students of Yuen Long was held successfully on 10th December, 2016. Over 1000 parents and students attended the event. Our Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, gave a warm welcome to guests at the beginning of the talk. Mr. KONG gave a brief introduction of the school and explained the arrangements for allocation of S1 places and the class structure of our school in the academic year 2017-2018. Mr. KONG informed parents that our school focused on students’ all-round development and encouraged students to take part in different inter-school and intra-school activities. After his speech, our guests, Mrs. CHICK TANG Shuk-tuen, a parent representative, Mr. WONG Ka-wah, Jennifer, an alumna of our school and two current students shared with the audience their wonderful experience at CLSMSS. Mr. YAN Churk-tong, the PTA Chairperson, then thanked all the guests on behalf of the school for sharing. After the talk, parents and students went on a guided tour of the school campus. They were delighted to know more about our school.

2016 -2017年度元朗區小六學生家長座談會於十二月十日(星期六)在聿修堂舉行,當天超過一千多名家長及小六學生出席。江奕昌校長先於會上致歡迎辭,並介紹本校概況及中學學位分配辦法,當中提及2017-2018年度本校班級結構的最新安排。另外,江校長亦強調本校著重學生全人發展,鼓勵學生積極參與不同的校內及聯校活動。隨後,學生代表分享在趙中學習的經驗,家長代表戚鄧淑端女士以及校友黃嘉華女士依次分享子女在趙中學習的點滴和家長選校心得。最後,家長教師會甄灼棠主席致謝辭。講座過後,是參觀課外活動巡禮剪影,眾多學生家長留校參觀,絡繹不絕,場面熱鬧。是次活動至此圓滿結束。

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Inter-School Healthy School Programme: Pre-camp interviews and training「聯校健康校園大使面試及訓練營營前集訓」在本校舉行

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On December 3, 2016, social workers of Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Services – Hong Kong led more than 50 students (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School, H.K.M.A.K.S. Lo College, N.T.H.Y.K.Yuen Long District Secondary School, Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary School and Yuen Long Public School) in various team-building activities and physical training sessions at the Lut Sau Hall. All the Healthy School ambassadors are going to attend a camp and a series of workshops at a later stage to further develop their leadership skills and artistic abilities.

The Healthy School Programme aims to promote students’ healthy lifestyle, positive values and practical life skills to improve their resilience against adversities. All the ambassadors will help promote the anti-drug message in school.


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34th Annual Speech Day 第三十四屆畢業頒奬典禮

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Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School held its 34th Annual Speech Day on November 26, 2016. Hundreds of enthusiastic graduates, prize-winners and their families, alumni, students and other stakeholders of our school attended the ceremony. This year we were especially honoured to have invited Dr. POON Tak-lap, a distinguished alumnus of our school, as our Guest of Honour. Dr. POON is a doctor specializing in Neurosurgery and currently the Associate Consultant of the Department of Neurosurgery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, presented the school report in which he highlighted the achievements and the pleasing results of the graduates in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2016. Mr. KONG also mentioned students’ all-round development and the accolades they attained in various aspects including sports, cultural exchange, the performing arts and community service. Finally, Mr. KONG expressed his gratitude to the SMC members, the PTA, the Alumni Association, and all members of staff for their support and contribution to the school.

Our Guest of Honour, Dr. POON, addressed an inspiring speech to the graduates. He shared with them how he overcome setbacks in his academic pursuit. With his perseverance and support from family and peers, he finally achieved his personal and professional goals. He reminded all students that failure is part of life that everyone will experience. Only with determination and perspiration exerted, one can finally achieve his/her goals. Therefore, he encouraged all students to realize their goals and work hard to achieve them.

Lastly, LEE Ming-ho, the student representative of the school, delivered a vote of thanks to the school on behalf of all graduates. The ceremony ended in a joyful atmosphere with the delightful performances given by the School Orchestra, the Dance Club and the School Choir.





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Application for Secondary One Discretionary Places 中一自行分配學位申請 2015/2017

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A shortlist of applicants for interviews will be released on 17 February 2017 (Friday).

A notice of date and time of interview will be sent by post to all applicants. The interview list will also be posted on the school website and the notice board at the front entrance of the school on 17 February 2017 (Friday).

Only the CLSMSS Application Number and the first 4 letters or numbers of the SSPA Student Reference Number of the applicant will be shown.


面試名單公佈日期:  2017217(星期五)

公佈方法: 本校將會郵寄面試通知書,通知申請人面試日期及時間。另外面試名單 (按本校所給予之申請編號及中學學位分配學生編號之首4個英文字母及數字展示)亦會於2017217(星期五)在本校網頁(公佈及張貼於本校正門佈告板。

    The First Journey of 50km Challenge 2016-17 松林尋廢堡 爐峰瞰碧潭 ── “挑戰50”遠足計劃展開首次旅程

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    Funded by the Healthy School Programme, the Counselling Team organized the 50km Challenge, a hiking programme which aims to help students reach a state of physical, mental and social well-being with a focus on helping students develop a healthy lifestyle. The walk began at Kotewall Road. Then we continued on to the Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail, Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, The Peak Tower, Barker Road Station, Victoria House, The Peak Tram Terminal and finally arrived at the Admiralty Station.


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    15th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme

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    Ten students from our school partook in the 15th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme this year. In July, they flew to Singapore to experience the authentic school and social life with their Singaporean buddies. In November, students from Singapore said Hello to Hong Kong and came here for exchange.

    The Farewell Ceremony was successfully held in our school on 14 November, 2016. To celebrate the success and joy of the exchange programme, five government secondary schools in Hong Kong came together to prepare a series of wonderful performances including Chinese ensemble, band music, modern jazz dance, Chinese dance and special Indian dance. The audience and all guests highly appreciated the show and they were spellbound. The climax of the day was the mass singing by all exchange students from Singapore and Hong Kong. The ambience of the Farewell Ceremony was convivial and uplifting. This truly reflects the theme of the programme this year –“Connect, Celebrate and Collaborate”.




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