S6 Farewell Assembly 2017-2018 中六畢業生歡送會2017-2018

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The S6 Farewell Assembly was held on 2 March 2018. At the ceremony, our Principal, Mr. Kong, encouraged all S6 students to prepare well for the DSE and try their best to achieve the best results. The S6 student representative, 6D Fung Wing Man, delivered a speech to thank teachers for their effort in nurturing them over the past 6 years. All schoolmates wished the S6 students every success in the exam.


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Other Learning Experience Day 2017-2018 其他學習經歷日 2017-2018

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The annual ‘Other Learning Experiences Day’ (OLE Day) was successfully held on 16th March 2018. With the aims of promoting students’ all-round development and enhancing their academic and OLE performances, activities of different themes including talks and workshops were organized. They included a talk on Traditional U.S. Festivals and a workshop on Positive Psychology for S.1, a talk on Reading and a workshop on Financial Management for S.3, Community Service for S.2 and S.5 and Team Building Programmes for S.4.

The OLE day offered students invaluable learning opportunities both inside the school and in a real context and authentic environment outside classrooms. The activities were not only beneficial to students' whole-person development but have also brought the relationships between students and teachers closer.

一年一度的「其他學習經歷日」已於2018年3月16日順利舉行。每級同學按設立的主題參與不同的校內、外活動。各級活動包括:美國傳統節日講座及正向心理工作坊(中一),閱讀與人際關係分享會及財務管理工作坊(中三級),社會服務計畫(中二及中五) 及領袖訓練營(中四級)。同學體驗多元化學習,趣味盎然,校園洋溢一片歡欣和諧的氣氛。


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Reach New Heights’ – Prize Presentation for Outstanding Academic Performance in the First Term 2017-2018 「勇創高峰」─ 優異成績頒奬典禮2017-2018

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The First Term ‘Reach New Heights’ Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 27 February 2018. The Top 3 students of each class in the Junior Forms and the First in subjects in the Senior Forms were awarded certificates for their excellent academic performance. The Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, and the Chairperson of the PTA, Mr. YAN Cheuk-tong, presented the prizes. 40 parents of prize winners attended the ceremony to celebrate the excellent performance of their children. In his speech, the Principal praised the hard-work of prize-winners and encouraged all students to put in more effort in their studies so that they could attain further success academically. He also thanked the parents for coming and sharing the joy of their children.

本校於二零一八年二月二十七日舉行「勇創高峰」─ 優異成績頒獎典禮,以表揚上學期成績卓越的學生。江奕昌校長及家長教師會主席甄灼棠先生擔任頒獎嘉賓,頒發榮譽獎狀予中一至中三級每班首三名及中四、五級每科第一名的同學。另外,共40位家長撥冗蒞臨典禮,給予子女鼓勵與支持。在典禮上,江校長除了嘉許各位優異生努力學習的卓越成就外,亦勉勵其餘同學在學業上積極求取進步,爭取理想成績。校長又衷心感謝家長們抽空出席頒獎典禮,分享子女的喜悅與歡欣。

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CLSMSS Picture Book Exhibition 趙中繪本創作展

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The CLSMSS Picture Book Exhibition was successfully held from 11th to 17th April 2018 at Yuen Long Theatre. Our Principal, Mr. KONG Yick-cheong, Chairperson of the PTA, Mr. YAN Churk-tong, Vice-Chairperson of the PTA, Ms. LAW Lai-shan, SMC Member, Ms. Ho Suk Wah, Assistant Principals, Ms. LEUNG Yi-hing and Ms. WONG Fei, Committee Members of the PTA, teachers and parents were invited to officiate at the Opening Ceremony. The exhibition, titled ‘Lifelike Drawing From the Heart," was sponsored by the Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund and the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association of our school. Students made use of colours and writing to express their passion for art. Their potential in art and creativity were thoroughly displayed in their works.

Over two hundred pieces of drawings created by S1 to S5 students were exhibited. Visitors were very impressed by our students’ creativity and talent. This art exhibition serves as a learning platform for students to communicate and share their views with the public, and to advance their artistic skills.

趙中繪本創作展已於二零一八年四月十一日至四月十七日假元朗劇院舉行。出席開幕典禮剪綵儀式的包括本校江奕昌校長、家長教師會主席甄灼棠先生、家長教師會副主席羅麗珊女士、學校管理委員會委員何淑華女士、梁懿馨副校長、王徽副校長、老師及家長教師會委員。是次展覽由新鴻基地產慈善基金有限公司及家長教師會聯合贊助,展覽以「繪繪如生 本本由心」為主題,寓意學生以清透的色彩、觸動人心的文字,抒發對藝術的熱忱,發揮個人的潛質,充份表現了同學無限的想像力。


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One Day Tour held by PTA 家長教師會一天遊

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On 24th March 2018, Saturday, the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association of our school held their annual outdoor activity 'One Day Tour on Lantau Island'. Together with the Principal, Assistant Principals and teachers, students and parents visited Po Lin Monastery, the Giant Buddha, Ngong Ping Village and Wisdom Path. We enjoyed a delicious meal at a restaurant in the Tai O Fishing Village. After that, we strolled around the dried seafood market, tried some local food and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the amazing fishing village. We had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.


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A study trip to Disneyland Theme Park 迪士尼樂園學習之旅

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On 10th February 2018, Saturday, 254 S.1 to S.6 students joined an outdoor learning activity, 'Journey of Discovery’s to Disneyland'. Accompanied by seventeen teachers and teacher assistants, students watched remarkable live performances and participated in a variety of exciting rides. They explored the new attractions and facilities of the park and enjoyed the beautiful decorations of the Lunar New Year. Not only could this study enhance student’s learning effectiveness, but it has also inspired students’ creativity and imagination. Moreover, the relationship among teachers and students has been greatly enhanced. In addition, it has broadened students' horizon and fulfilled the aim of life-wide learning.

本校於10-2-2018 (星期六)舉辦迪士尼樂園「探索之旅」戶外學習活動,共有254位中一至中六級同學參與。在17位老師和教學助理帶領下,同學們除了欣賞各式各樣精彩的表演及參與各種緊張刺激的機動遊戲外,亦探索樂園的新景點和設施,並欣賞美輪美奐的春節佈置。透過本次體驗及探究學習活動,同學不但提升了學習效能,更啟發了幻想和創造能力。活動更可深化課堂以外的知識,增進師生間的感情,擴闊學生視野,達到全方位學習的目的。

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Send Kids The World 用明信片傳遞關懷

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A service project ‘Send Kids the World’ was jointly organized by the Girl Guides and the Student Development Committee in March. Students as well as teachers reached out to kids with life threatening illnesses and injuries around the world through sending them postcards with encouraging messages. The activity aims to foster kindness and empathy in students towards people who are less fortunate around the world.


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50km Hiking Challenge 2017-2018 had successfully come to an end 本年度“挑戰50”遠足計劃圓滿結束

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The last hiking journey, Exploring the Old Lei Yu Mun Barracks, was successfully completed on 3rd March, 2018. This programme was jointly organized by the Counselling Team and the Healthy School Programme. This year, the theme was ‘Countryside Discovery’. Students were challenged to hike over 50km. Along the way, they visited some Second World War relics in Hong Kong, met wild animals face-to-face, cleaned up the countryside etc. The programme aimed to foster students’ well-being and broadened their horizons. 69 students participated in the Hiking Challenge this year and it will be held again next year!p>


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“Distinguished Master, Accomplished Students ” Mentorship Programme 「名師高徒」導師計劃

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The initiation ceremony of the “Distinguished Master, Accomplished Students ” Mentorship Programme was successfully held on 28 Jan 2018 at the City University of Hong Kong. This mentorship programme is organised by The Academy of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences and Hong Kong Institution of Science. It aims to help more than 100 students to achieve their goals of becoming scientists. One of our students, 5A Pang Yat Hei, has been selected to join the programme. Many well-known scientists and engineers attended the ceremony on that day, with some of them explain the details of the programme. After the ceremony, the mentees met their respective mentors. They will meet again in order to know more about their mentors' path to success, which will be beneficial to the mentees for achieving their goals.


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Power Suspension on 11-03-2018

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