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A Message from the Principal

Time flies. The moment when I delivered my speech at the Ceremony of School Commencement of school year 2015-16 is still fresh in my mind. 2016-2017 is another new school year. To me, last school year was a fruitful and delightful one. I wish to thank all teachers and students for your warm reception. I am deeply impressed by teachers’ remarkable professionalism and students’ excellent performance in both academic pursuits and other activities. As said in the Commencement of School Ceremony in September this school year, one of our foci is to strengthen the core values of CLSMSS which are embedded in our school motto. How much do our students understand our school motto? Now I would like to explain in more details the meaning of our school motto.

As students of CLSMSS, students should try to live up to the expectations of our school motto. They are not just words to be memorized, but they are our way of life and code of behaviour. As you know, our school motto includes four core values. The first one is Wisdom (明). This is about learning. As a student of CLSMSS, you should always try to acquire wisdom through academic pursuits and be able to judge what is right or wrong. In Chinese, ‘明辨是非,求知達理’. The second core value is Virtue (善). It is about how to treat others properly. Students of CLSMSS should always love others and serve the community. In Chinese, ‘善愛他人,惠澤社群’. The third core value is about character building, Honesty (誠). A CLSMSS student should be a truthful and upright person. In Chinese, ‘誠實謙遜,正直忠純’. The last core value is about the way of doing things, Progress (身/新). As a student of CLSMSS, you should always strive for improvement in every respect. In Chinese, ‘身體力行,奮進立新’. I do hope that students can anchor these values in their mind and let them become their own qualities. And I think that, with these qualities, there is no mission that is impossible.

Students may know that we also have a motto each school year. In the last school year, the school motto was ‘To Reach New Heights with Hard Work and Confidence’. This school year, we have formulated a new and simpler school motto, that is, ‘Try my best, reach the crest’(奮力嘗試,勇闖頂峰). We expect students would put in their full effort, especially in their studies, and reach the pinnacle, that is, to get the best result. This motto is similar to that of last year. Confidence and diligence always count in the pursuits of academic excellence. Thomas A. Edison, an inventor who created great innovations such as the electric light bulb and the phonograph had a famous quote. He said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Perspiration represents hard-work. It means that the essential element that makes up a genius is hard work. Therefore, do try your best. Have no regrets and reach the crest.

I advise students to set goals for themselves and make plans for their studies in the new school year. People always say that ‘Well begun is half done’. I hope students can have a good beginning in the new school year and I look forward to seeing more remarkable achievements.

Lastly, may I wish all students and teachers, a pleasurable and fruitful new school year. Thank you!

KONG Yick-cheong
28th September 2016